Eve Crop Tee in White

Eve Crop Tee in White


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AUD - $50
EURO - €34
RYSE Drop Shoulder Fit crew tee
Loose knit 150g yarn dye stripe jersey
Subtle angled body fabric to garment back
Shirt is designed to twist slightlyafter washing
Side hem split with slightly curved back hem with raw edge
Internal fabric neck yoke
Signature RYSE yellow bartacks
100% natural cotton jerse

RYSE Sizing
XS is US 0, Aus 6. Waist is 58-61in & Bust is 81-84cm
S is US 1, Aus 8. Waist is 64-67in & Bust is 86-89cm
M is US 2, Aus 10. Waist is 71-75in & Bust is 95-99cm
L is US 3, Aus 12. Waist is 80-85in & Bust is 103-107cm

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