Lucy Stripe Short in White

Lucy Stripe Short in White


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Approximate price in other currencies :
AUD - $63
EURO - €43
RYSE Tiny Fit elastic short with draw cord
Loose knit 150g yarn dye stripe jersey
Raw hem body finished with cover stitch designed to curl
Signature RYSE yellow bartacks
100% Natural Cotton Jersey

RYSE Sizing
XS is US 0, Aus 6. Waist is 58-61cm & Bust is 81-84cm
S is US 1, Aus 8. Waist is 64-67cm & Bust is 86-89cm
M is US 2, Aus 10. Waist is 71-75cm & Bust is 95-99cm
L is US 3, Aus 12. Waist is 80-85cm & Bust is 103-107cm

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